The beginning in 1991
My first pedigree cat.

Throughout my childhood I have had some animals such as mice and birds ...
but almost always dog or cat.
When I later moved away from home and only had 2 rabbits, I became more and more hooked on getting a cat, but this time it should be a pedigree cat, I had previously had only domestic cats.
I looked in the phone book under breed cats and stopped at the Russian Blue, blue is my favorite color, so this cat I had to see ...
I came in contact with Las Islas Breeder: Inge Frandsen, she had a boy kitten still for sale, I was allowed to visit immediately.
I was a little curious to see these blue cats because actually I had no idea how they looked ...
- This is not recommended!

I was shown around the entire house - there were cats everywhere, and for me the exact same.
After the tour we ended up in the bedroom where the kittens were, with their mother Kiri. And there was Oberon, the boy kitten I could buy, and offcouce I wanted to buy him.
We agreed that Inge Frandsen would ring me when Oberon was old enough to move from home, sometime between Christmas and New Year.

In the long wait for Oberom, I got myself a real vesterbro'sk domestic cat. I took him from the street where he was all alone, I had to take him. I could immediately see that it was a male, and that he was around. 4 months. He was named ”Missen”
After vaccination, ear mite and flea check, he and I were ready to accept Oberon.
Missen and Oberon became immediately good friends, played, ate and slept tog

As time passed, there was something that surprised me when I looked at Missen there was no doubt that it was a boy, though he was a little older, but then I looked at Oberon there was a big difference. I thought; breed cats is probably a little later developed than domestic cats! I thought wrong!

Inge Frandsen phoned and asked gently if I'd noticed something strange about my male-kitten ....

HE was a she - Oberon named Tanja!
Las Islas's Tanja Carmen

The people who should have Tanja came 2 days before me, and had taken her themself in the bedroom, but had taken the wrong kitten!
Fortunately they were very happy with Oberon like I was happy with Tanja, and ofcourse, they wanted to keep Oberon, like I wanted to keep Tanja. The only thing we had to do was to swap pedigree's.

My first cat show.

When I came home to Inge Frandsen to exchange pedigree's, I saw one of her queens, Dara, who was heavily pregnant. I would like a Russian more, but 3 cats in my apartment, was perhaps a little too much, but I would think about it ... (I later got Nadine from this litter, but that's another story ...)
She told me about her experiences with going to cat shows, and about all the places she had been, it sounded very exciting all together.
She was soon to go to a show in Amager, and asked if I would like to try, and when
it was not so far from where I lived, I said yes.
She helped me fill out the registration form, so I just had to come up with Tanja. Cage curtains, etc. I could borrow from Russian club.
I had never been on a cat show before and had no idea how it would be. I had been a the dog show, but could not imagine that it would be in the same way - to walk around with you cats on a leash ...
The exhibition Day came and I put myself in a queue at 7:00 Sunday morning.
When I came into the hall, which for me was very big, it looked as people knew excacly where their cages was the only thing I had was a cage number, I walked around haphazardly, but was eventually found by the Russian club's President, I must have looked very beginner-like. Ann-Lis followed me to the Russian department, but it was not a big help because the cage was not there. The ”cage man” were summoned and put an extra cage up to Tanja.
The only Russian exhibitors I just talked with were Inge Frandsen, she tried to explain to me some of all the rules set by the exhibit, but it was a whole new world for me, so I did not understand much of it.
Finally, the Russians was to be judged, and it was very exciting, but of course more when it was Tanja's turn. She behaved really well and Judge Birgit Nehammer said Tanja was very promising, she had ex. 1 Class ll, in front of Bea v. Sopka, and she was also BIO (BIV) kitten / youngster , where she beat Zina Las Islas, the chairman's cat!!!
All told me how nice it was to get BIO, and that I had to come to shows again!
I did so ...
The next show was in Jyllinge where Tanja got CAC and beat 4 other females in class 9, it was very nice. Judge was J. Renault from France.
So I was sold!
I had to continue to exhibit, Tanja had indeed be something special!

Yes, I had been bitten by the ...

When I had such a special cat as Tanja, it would indeed be a shame if she did not have just one litter ...
But it is also a whole different story!